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Top Adventure Sports Competitions In The UK

Adventure sports competitions are perfect for outdoor athletes. Competing in these types of events is getting quite popular in the United Kingdom. Events can be team-centred or solo and can also feature multiple adventure sports in one. Here are the top adventure sports competitions in the UK.

C2C Adventure Race

This competition starts at St Bees and finishes in the spectacular Robin Hoods Bay at the end of every August. It features multiple adventure sports events like mountain biking, kayaking, open water swimming, running and orienteering. Competitors aim to be the fastest to make it from one coast of the UK to the other.

The Hever Castle Triathlon

The Hever Castle Triathlon offers participants The Bastion – Full Iron Distance. This outdoor event includes a 3.8km lake swim, a 180km bike ride around the Kent countryside, and a 42km marathon run.

The Cumbrian Commotion

The Cumbrian Commotion is an event designed for teams of three. It is held inside the Grizedale Forest in Cumbria. Teams are required to stay united at all times. Challenges include running, mountain biking, and kayaking. Running covers about 10km, mountain biking covers 25km and kayaking covers about 1km.

The Three Peaks Yacht Race

The Three Peaks Yacht Race is one of the oldest adventure sports competitions in the world. It tasks your rowing, swimming, climbing and navigational skills. The event starts in Barmouth and finishes in Fort William. Team members are expected to climb the highest mountains of Wales, England and Scotland.

Cardiff Burn

The Cardiff Burn features a 10km run, a 30km MTB segment, and a 3km kayaking segment. There are events for solos, pairs and teams. This competition will test your physical stamina as well as how good you are with a compass and a map.

There are several more adventure sports competitions in the UK that you will love to be a part of either as a competitor or as a spectator cheering a friend, s family member or favourite team on. For more information about these adventure sports competitions in the UK, contact us today.