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How To Start A Motorcycle Club

Riding motorcycles is always exciting, especially when you are riding with others in a group. The camaraderie of riding in a group with motorcycle helmets rushing past winds can make you feel invincible. You can also take it a step further by starting your motorcycle club. There are some ideas on how to go about it.

Motorcycle clubs are very tight-knit associations. They have rules, guidelines, and hierarchies that are strictly followed with strong familial bonds among members. Most motorcycle clubs organise riding sessions where they all come out and ride together for fun or practice.

The first thing you have to consider before starting a motorcycle club is the identity of your club. You have to define your club and the kind of specific identity that will tie members together. Will it be a cruiser bike or a sports bike? Will it be all gender inclusive? Will the club be part of the competitions? And so on.

Whether you want to accept anyone and everyone into your club, or maybe make it open to a selected section of the society, get an identity for your club and make it stick. What is important is that you have to be clear about the kind of identity your club will have while making it a pleasant and welcoming space.

Starting your motorcycle club also requires that you take the time to learn about the motorcycle clubs in your area. Find out what they are doing and their identity. This is to make sure that there is no motorcycle club in the area similar to yours. Such similarities can create animosity or lead to physical and legal clashes.

Come up with the name, logo and branding of your club. Put some thought into creating these identities because they will represent what your club is about to the outside world. Get the core members of your club. These are usually family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

Register your club as a non-profit organisation, apply for club insurance and elect officers for the club. Then you can hold your first meeting and outline club activities, events and any other thing the club may need.

Start your motorcycle club and achieve your aim. For more information contact us.