Helpful Books


There are books on adventure sports that can give you more insights into the different activities and events. Here are some of them.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills Third Edition

Brian Lopes & Lee McCormack

This is the best-selling guide for all mountain biking disciplines like enduro, pump track racing, dual slalom, downhill, cross-country, fat biking, and 24-hour races. In this book, you will learn how to select the proper bike and customise it. Master the essential techniques to conquer every obstacle in your path, no matter the weather.

Powder Days: Ski Bums, Ski Towns and the Future of Chasing Snow

Heather Hansman

Heather is a veteran ski journalist and former ski bum. In this book, she takes readers into the world of American skiing. From Vermont to Colorado, Montana to West Virginia, she profiles the lives of people built around a cold-weather obsession.

Rock Climbing Technique: The Practical Guide to Movement Mastery

John Kettle

This book is a practical guide to improving your rock climbing technique. It allows you to plan out your path to excellent technique with drills and exercises suited to all levels of ability.

Ride: BMX Glory, Against All the Odds, the John Buultjens Story

John Buultjens, Chris Sweeney

This book inspires by telling the story of the harrowing beginnings and tough life lessons learned by BMX superstar John Buultjens. It chronicles tales of his birth, adoption, growing up and emigration to Australia and to becoming one of BMX’s biggest names.

Ultra-Distance Cycling: An Expert Guide to Endurance Cycling

Simon Jobson & Dominic Irvine

This book offers practical, authoritative guidance to cyclists looking for step long-distance endurance events. It also offers expert advice to established competitors seeking a competitive advantage.

Visit bookshops and check these books out or go online and order books from publishers. You will be glad you did. Contact us for more information.