Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports: What They Are

Adventure sports are sporting or leisure activities that are perceived as involving a high degree of risk. These sporting activities often involve height and speed with the application of a high level of physical effort and specifically made gear and equipment.

Adventure sports are not new but gained popularity in the 1990s as several tourist sites advertise them as sports for the young and the young at heart. The participants are subjected to unusual physical and mental challenges that require the need to beat speed, height, depth or natural forces and achieve a successful outcome.

Adventure sports differ from traditional sports because they contain a high level of environmental variables that are beyond the control of participants. Natural conditions such as wind, snow, water and mountains cannot be controlled, so they affect the outcome of an event. Unpredictability makes adventure sports exciting.

In traditional sports, athletes compete against each other under controlled circumstances, while in adventure sports, there are environmental conditions that cannot be held constant for all athletes.

Also, traditional sports adopt some judgment criteria like distance, time, score and so on when assessing the performance of athletes. In extreme sports, performances are often evaluated on subjective and aesthetic criteria.

There are benefits to engaging in adventure sports. Several adventure sports activities have the potential to improve mental and physical health and also provide opportunities for participants to enjoy life fully.

Furthermore, health scholars have held that adventure sports trigger the release of the hormone adrenaline, which is good for maintaining a good heartbeat. It is also believed that engaging in adventure sports improves the perspective and recognition of aspects of the life of mental health patients.

In adventure sports, participants get the opportunity to experience that intense adrenaline rush and thrill that many people crave for. Though some adventure sports present some levels of risk, participants still choose to embark on them for the sake of the adrenaline.

Adventure sports also bring some economic benefits. There are some countries, states, provinces or villages known for one adventure sport or the other. This draws amateurs, professionals and fun seekers to such a place, thereby sustaining the local economy.

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